Wasil Jamil Al-Momani


This Study Aimed At Recognizing the Effective ways That Relate Secondary School Headmasters with Their Students in Ajloun Directorate from Headmasters' Teachers' Students' and Parents, Point of View. The Study Sample consisted of (24) Male Principals and (169) Male Teachers, and (523) students and (126) parents. A special instrument based on lekert scale was prepared and judged by specialized instructors at universities and the Ministry of Education. Test-Retest and chomback were used and the Reliability Coefficients Were As The Following: The Principals (0.89) and Teachers (0.92) and Students (0.91) and Parents (0.90).In light of the Above Findings the Researcher Made Some Suggestions. The Most Significant of Which Were The Following: • Revising The Standards Used In Choosing The Headmasters In Ajloun Directorate. • Emphasizing the Concept ofModem Management. • And There Is A Need To Provide Headmasters With Helpful In Formation. • Generalizing The Bright Headmasters, Experiences Through Research. Strong the Friendly relations between the school and the local community. • Teachers and Principals training should be supervised by highly qualified trainers and armed with tong experience in this area. • Encourage training courses a bout How to deal with students according to the global modem techniques.


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