Abdeul Aziz Abdulla El Sunbel


This research aimed at studying the benefits of literacy education programs in Riyadh and Alcharj of Saudi Arabia as perceived by literacy teachers and learners. It is expected that the result of the study would assist in improving the offered programs and improve its quality. A random sample of 109 teachers and 239 learners participated in the study and a 40 item questionnaire was utilized in the study. The researcher trained a number of assistants to help in filling out the responses of literacy learners to questions being asked. The questionnaire consisted of six categories mainly the economic, occupational, religious, family, psychological, and cultural benefits. The study investigated the impact of a number of independent variables on the perceptions of teachers and learners concerning the benefits of the program. Results showed that literacy programs benefits exceeds the classical 3 R model. Results showed that literacy benefits have a good impact on the learner's life as an individual, a member of a family and a member of the society. As well, results showed that certain variables had an impact of learners and teachers perceptions concerning literacy efforts.


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Literacy Education

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El Sunbel عبد العزيز بن عبد الله. 2004. “Benefits of Literacy Education Programs As Perceived by Literacy Teachers and Learners in Saudi Arabia”. Journal of Educational Sciences 6 (6). https://journals.qu.edu.qa/index.php/jes/article/view/937.