Mohammed AI-Ayasirah


This study aimed at investigating Islamic studies student teachers' teaching skills and its relation to their achievement and teaching. The sample of this study consisted of ( 45) senior - student teachers majoring in Islamic studies who are involved in their field-teaching practice. Three scales were used for the purpose of this study; The Teaching Sills Observation sheet consisting of (30) items, Attitudes Toward Teaching Islamic Studies Scale comprising (20) items, and Achievement Grading Scale. Levels of teaching skills and its relative values for student teachers were exhibited in the study. The results of the study revealed that the levels of teaching skills for student teachers were statistically significant higher than the level of mastery (80%).The results also showed statistically significant relation between students' teaching skills and their achievement, but no significant relation between their teaching skills and attitudes toward teaching the subject. A number of recommendations were provided in the light of these findings.


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Teaching skills

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AI-Ayasirah محمد عبد الكريم. 2006. “The Relation of Achievement and Attitude Towerd Teaching Skills for Islamic Studies Student Teachers”. Journal of Educational Sciences 9 (9).