Mohamed Ahmed Ghoniem


The aims of this study were to investigated how far study processes, learning strategies and achievement goals are variant, predicting achievement goals through study processes and learning strategies and for casting achievement through study processes, learning strategies and achievement goals. The researcher translated three instruments (Study Processes Questionnaire /Learning Strategies Checklist and Achievement goals scale). First, they were administered to a pilot sample of 113 students and then to a final sample 227 students at Bisha Teachers College, Saudi Arabia. Factor analysis and regression analysis were applied in data analysis . The study came to the following conclusions: • Surface study processes (surface strategy /surface motive) were variant learning strategy Surface study processes were not variant from performance objectives as a dimension of achievement goals. • Interpersonal help seeking strategies motivation control were variant from study processes and the two dimensions of achievement goals (performance /learning). • Beta values proved that surface strategies /deep strategies /surface motive / motive control are the factor which help predict performance goals. • Beta values proved that )rehearsal /active reflection and deep motive) could help predict achievement.


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Ghoniem محمد أحمد. 2006. “Prediction of Achievement Goals and Academic Through Study Processes and Learning Strategies”. Journal of Educational Sciences 10 (10).