Asma Ilyas Al Jouhara Boubshit


This research was planed to define the effect of prior Knowledge and closure on student's academic performance during the psychology course of the students of 1 l grade at the high school in Al-Hasa area. The researches have used an experimental study with four groups of students. The first group was given lessons with prior knowledge and closure. The second group was given lessons with prior knowledge only. The third group was given lessons with closure only. The fourth group (control group) was given lessons without neither prior knowledge nor closure. An achievement test was given to the four groups. The test was about tow chapters of the psychology textbook. The study sample was of (88) students. The results of the study indicated that the mean of the first group was the highest of all. Then comes the mean of the second group and the mean of the third group was less. While the mean of the fourth group was the lowest of all. The results of the study revealed that the usage of prior knowledge and closure during the lesson has positive effect on students' achievement. Accordingly, the researchers suggested some recommendations.


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Ilyas أسماء, and Boubshit الجوهرة. 2002. “ Female Students Academic Achievement During the Course of Pasychology: Experimental Studt in Al-Hasa”. Journal of Educational Sciences 1 (1).