Abdelsalam Jaber Hussein Khaled Ateyat Moen Taha AL-Khalaf


The purpose of current study is to investigate the effect of sports tendency on the improving the Special Physical Abilities and Learning some Volleyball Skills .The descriptive and experimental approaches were used. The sample consisted of tow groups, first group (52) student which have tendency towards the volleyball, the second group (92) student which have not tendency towards volleyball. The two groups underwent the suggested training program. Results showed that the first group which tend volleyball practice has been affected by the suggested program in the both to physical abilities and skills compared to the second group. It was recommended to focus on sports tendency during the deferent school stages.


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Hussein عبدالسلام جابر, Ateyat خالد, and AL-Khalaf معين طه. 2007. “The Effects of Sport Tendency In Improving Special Physical Abilities and Learning of Some Volleyball Skills”. Journal of Educational Sciences 13 (13). https://journals.qu.edu.qa/index.php/jes/article/view/393.