Mohammed Mohy Aldeen Obydat


This study aimed at investigating instrumental and integrative factors that influenced students' decision in choosing English as a specialization. The sample consisted of 305 male and female students chosen randomly from the population of the study (N= 471). The instrument used in the study was a questionnaire, which included two major dimensions. Each dimension comprised 15 items. Results showed that there were major instrumental and integrative factors that played a role in choosing this specialization. Results also showed that the students were more instrumentally motivated to study English. The results of the t- test indicated statistically significant differences (a= 0.05) between the means of students' responses to the two dimensions in favor of instrumental motivation. Moreover, results revealed statistically significant sex differences (a= 0.05) in integrative motivation and in the two dimensions together. The differences were in favor of females. With regard to instrumental motivation, males and females showed the same orientation. Concerning level of study, the results showed


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English language -- Study and teaching
Integrative Factors

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Obydat محمد محي الدين. 2006. “Instrumental & Integrative Factors That Affect Students’ Decision in Choosing English As a Specialization”. Journal of Educational Sciences 9 (9).