Nader Al Zyoud


This study aimed at identifying the levels of burnout among Psychological and Educational counselors in publics schools in the Governorate of Zarka in Jordan. To achieve this goal, the researcher used David Geldrad's burnout inventory after translating it into Arabic. This study also aimed at identifying the differences in the levels of burnout among the subjects of the study sample, which consisted of 100 male and female counselors. The independent variables include: sex, experience in counseling, specialization, qualification and place of work (Preparatory or secondary school). The significance of the study stems from the importance that the Psychological and educational counselor has and the role s/he plays in the learning process in general and the counseling process in particular. The significance of the study also lies in its being the first study conducted in Jordan examining this issue in relation to the above - mentioned independent variables. The results of this study indicated that: (1)Bumout results from the duties that are assigned to counselors, indicated that female counselors average of burnout was higher. (2)Counselors who have 4 years of experience or less had a higher level of burnout than those who had more experience. (3)There were significant differences between counselors of different specializations. (4)Counselor with an M.A. have a lower level of burnout than those who are less-qualified.


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Al Zyoud نادر فهمي. 2002. “The Actuality of the Burnout of Psychological and Educational Counselors in the Governorate of Zarka in Jordan”. Journal of Educational Sciences 1 (1).