Adnan Al-Olabi


The most important characteristic of the Islamic nation that God endowed of unity and union characteristics, and factors of its renaissance, the ones that kept its existence, marked its status to the level of high-end Nations, after the Arabs were in the gutter, scrambling in the foolishness of backwardness, injustice and oppression. However, this unity would not have been realized in practice, and to see the light actually, without building on the fixed parameters of goodness, justice, honesty and virtue, and establishing renaissance on the firm foundations of the elements of construction and development, and was the behavior and the biography of a group of elite, who were the corner's base, and had faith and sacrifice, so they were able to show prosperity, stability and progress, in every sense of the word from the meanings of the noble values and virtues of an adult. From the idea for this research on the subject (The unity of the group and its importance to the advancement of the nation in the Quranic perspective), part of a plan branched out to the front looking at the importance of the subject, and the reason it was chosen. Followed by an introduction, looking to identify the unity and related definitions, followed by the first section, and looking at the elements of the unity, and steps to achieve it, within two demands, and then the second section, looking at aspects of the nation's unity, within two demands, followed by the third section, looking at the characteristics of the nation, and the causes of its death, and factors of its advancement, within three demands, to reach a conclusion and recommendations proposed.


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Al-Olabi, Adnan. 2015. “The Quranic Perspective of Communal Unity and Its Importance in Uplifting the Ummah”. Journal of College of Sharia &Amp; Islamic Studies 33 (2).
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