In The Name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

In line with its endeavor to produce further specialized research, and encourage the participation of Islamic studies experts, the Journal of the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies at Qatar University invites researchers to submit their research project proposals to be published in the regular or special issues.

Conditions :

  • Submitting a referenced proposal (1000 to 1500 words), which includes:
  • Research project title, subject, importance, and objectives.
  • A summary of previous studies, questions, scientific and methodological gaps in the subject field.
  • The project’s main research themes.
  • The proposal should be in line with the journal’s research scope, which includes contemporary and current issues in Islamic studies or interdisciplinary studies, or provide critical insights or scientific novelties in the specialization, or new methodological approaches.
  • The proposal shall be submitted along the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae.
  • The Issue’s accepted research papers should meet the journal’s research and writing guidelines and standards, as to be of outstanding research quality and originality that adds to the scientific or methodological innovations in the subject field and the Issue as a whole.

Timeline :

  • The proposal that meets the conditions first goes through an initial review, then an external scientific specialized peer-review before the final approval.
  • Upon approval of the proposal, the journal will announce the “Call for Papers” where the selected project editor (guest editor), in coordination with the journal, handles the project editorial and follow-up.
  • The selected editor shall form a small research team (including a member of the journal’s editorial board) to assist in the initial review of submitted papers. The editor shall be in-charge of correspondence, communication and invitation to researchers.
  • After the initial approval, the journal’s editorial board is responsible for the peer-review process of the completed research papers.
  • The editor handles the completion of accepted and peer-reviewed papers, and writes an editorial foreword/introduction where his/her name is mentioned as the Issue’s guest editor.
  • After completing the Issue’s editorial process, the authors of accepted research papers would participate in a seminar. The seminar’s scheduling would be agreed upon with the journal beforehand.
  • The Issue should include eight research papers, two of which are in English. The Issue’s content may include book reviews or case studies.
  • The proposal’s implementation and completion timeline is set for one year, starting from the date of announcing to the acceptance of the proposal.
  • The last date for receiving project proposals is 30th March 2023.
  • Candidates will receive a confirmation email of receiving their proposals immediately upon submission, and the selection decision will be announced before 30th May 2023.
  • Financial rewards will be allocated for winning proposals and research teams.

The proposal and detailed CV should be submitted and addressed to the journal’s Editor-in-Chief through this email:

For all information about Call of Papers, please click here