Data Sharing

Since we are committed to promoting transparency and reproducibility in research, the authors are highly encouraged to share the raw data of their studies upon request, allowing other researchers to make incremental developments on the findings. Such research raw data may be in the form of survey data collected through questionnaires, handwritten or transcribed notes. The raw data is shared as long as this does not violate the protection of human subjects or other valid privacy or security concerns. Other constructed methodologies, workflows, steps and procedures followed in the research is included as well. While it is the author’s responsibility to ensure the soundness of data, any errors in the data rest solely with the producers of the data set(s). Researchers who request such raw data are requested to familiarize themselves with the Policy for Handling Allegations of Research Misconduct before they embark on reusing any data to ensure responsible and ethical practices including the following: Any reuse of data must comply with the applicable international laws to which the article is published upon being the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License - CC BY-NC 4.0.

Therefore, reuse in another publication may be permitted, at the condition that:

-    The republishing should not be for commercial purposes.

-    The content, authorship, and source of the original publishing outlet must remain unchanged.

-   Proper citation of the original article should be clearly indicated.