Zaied Ali Al-Bashairah Omar Karam Manzalawy


This study aims to explore the effect of Computerized Educational Program and Cooperative Learning method in the achievement of the Seventh Grade Students in the subject of science in Aqaba Governorate. The study sample was composed of (57) male and (58) female students, they were chosen intentionally :from the schools of Aqaba Directorate of Education in the scholastic year 2004\2005. The groups chosen from four sections randomly, to be taught by the Cooperative learning approach and a Computerized educational program (they were divided into two females and males groups). A computerized educational program of a geologic unit, work sheets were prepared especially for this study along side with an achievement test were used as a tools of the study. The reliability of the program and the sheets and the reliability and the validity of the test were obtained. The result showed that there were no statistical differences at the signification level (0.05=a) on the achievement of the seventh grade students in the subject of science in Aqaba due to the method of teaching ,the student's gender or the interaction between the method of teaching and the gender of the students. The study recommended more studies to be done about the effect the two ways in the achievement of The students on the other subjects and levels


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Al-Bashairah زيد علي, and Manzalawy عمر كرم. 2007. “The Effect of Teaching by Computerized Educational Program and Cooperative Learning in Seventh Grade Student’s Achievement of Science in Aqaba Governorate”. Journal of Educational Sciences 13 (13).