Taiseer Khaleel Al-qaisi


The study aimed to investigate the effect of problem-solving Strategy on achievement and mathematical thinking of the basic stage students in Jordan. A sample of male students of Orner bin Alkhattab Basic school was randomly selected. It consisted of (68) male students of the seventh grade that were randomly distributed into two groups: experimental one consists of (35) students and control one consists of (33) students, the two groups were statistically matched in variables ofage, previous achievement & mathematical thinking. The experimental group were taught by problem solving Strategy, and the control group were taught in the ordinary method in the 151 semester of 2004/2005. Two post tests were applied as follows: (1) Mathematics Achievement test of(28) multiple choice items: (2) Mathematical thinking test of (30) multiple choice items distributed into (6) domains : Induction, Deduction, Symbolic substitution, Relation thinking, Formal logic, Inquiry. The two tests were checked for their Validity and reliability, their reliability were (0.88) & (0.92) respectively.


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Al-qaisi تيسير خليل. 2007. “The Effectiveness of Problem-Solving Strategy on Achievement and Mathematical Thinking for the Basic Stage in Jordan”. Journal of Educational Sciences 12 (12). https://journals.qu.edu.qa/index.php/jes/article/view/363.