Aymen Jasim Al-Duri


Scientists have different viewpoints concerning the corporal punishment of students; some are for it and others are against it, and rather think it is better to replace corporal punishment with only encouragement and reward. Although the encouragement and reward approach has many advantages and positives, the need to practice a bit of corporal punishment remains there, for the presence of different natures and temperaments must address the anomalies with the matching solutions. This study is an attempt to mediate between the two opposing methods depending on the Prophetic guidance so as to achieve the educational interest and to limit the interpretative judgments of the teacher in accordance with restraints derived from both Sunnah and the actions of the Muslim ancestors and previous imams of this nation.


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Al-Duri, Aymen Jasim. 2015. “The Prophetic Methodology Concerning Corporal Punishment of Students”. Journal of College of Sharia and Islamic Studies 33 (2). https://doi.org/10.29117/jcsis.2015.0128.
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