Justifications for Price Intervention: Between Capitalism and Islamic Economics: A Comparative Study


Bishr Muhammad Muwaffaq Lutfi


The study appears in the introductory section the meaning of the pricing language and idiomatically, in economic terminology and positive economic terminology.
In the first chapter, the study sheds light on the rationale for the pricing in the market economy or capitalist economy, and most important: regulation price regulated monopoly, price regulation in wars , wages pricing, pricing to support some sectors (for the benefit of producers), and pricing in the event of exploitation monopoly (for the benefit of consumers).

In the second chapter the study specifies that is originally in the Islamic economy that the state leaves freedom for the market mechanism to secrete pricier naturally without interference in the market mechanism, but it is to be placed has to provide a suitable ground for the secretion of the normal price by preventing monopolies, fraud and deception and other taboos that saves Islamic market from the price distortion.

Then the study indicates cases in which the state intervenes in the pricing of Islamic economic system, to prevent of greater damage that might affect the economy or society as a whole, so the intervention is to achieve justice and economic stability.


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