Bushra Ghaleb Bakalaf


Objectives: This research aims to examine the term Israeliyyat, one of the most prominent terms used in Qur'anic interpretation. Despite the influence of these expositions on the term “Israeliyyat”, because it is one of the tools that expositors (Al-Mufassirun) use to clarify meaning in the Holy Qur’an, the meaning of the standardized form has varied, causing some confusion and necessitating research to solve this theoretical problem.Methodology: The researcher used five research methods (descriptive, inductive, analytical, critical, and comparative) to examine uses of the term "Israeliyyat". A preliminary conception of the term’s linguistic meanings and the influences on the formation of these meanings are presented.Findings: The most important result of the research is the presentation of a new meaning of the term Israeliyyat, in which the different sayings and opinions of various scholars are combined: All narrations that use the People of the Book were meant to describe the Children of Israel as well as others among them who had converted to Islam; furthermore, the books of the Prophets that use the Children of Israel may be the origin of this use. Additionally, the researcher elaborates that the main reason for the differences in the various connotations of the word "Israeliyyat" is the neglect of the semantic roots and history of the term in the Hadiths. For example, the phrase "Children of Israel" was used to limit the number of references to them, and the term "People of the Book" was avoided, which led to a disruption in the use of the general approach used to examine hadiths. Accordingly, the different uses of the term appeared and gradually grew apart.Originality: This research makes an important addition to the study of the Qur’anic sciences. Despite the large number and diversity of theoretical studies on the topic of "Israeliyyat" in general, past studies have not carefully examined this topic, given its interpretive importance, and this study is expected to motivate researchers concerned with the sciences of the Holy Qur’an to further examine the topic of scientific terminology.



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