Muhammad Mahmoud Dojan Al-Amoush Jabir Ismail Hajahja


The Islam consider preemption one of copyrighted to the partner in the case of his partner sold his share to foreigners, and to pay for damage the company's old partner. The study detail with the time effect at present preemption from its time , intercessor period, The deadline given to intercessor to bring the price if he wants the preemption . And explain the firming relating to the young taking the preemption when he puberty. And explain the excuses which dos not effect on preemption, or effect. And belief the intercessor informer or not about preemption details. And the study explain the Intercessor's actions and actual anecdotal and its effects on preemption.


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Al-Amoush, Muhammad Mahmoud Dojan, and Jabir Ismail Hajahja. 2013. “The Rulings Pertaining to the Time of Requesting for Preemption: A Comparative Juristic Study”. Journal of College of Sharia and Islamic Studies 31 (1).
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