Basyouni Muhammad Ali Nahela


It is a very important step for any academic researcher in the topic of(Al Naseeha) giving advice to go back to quran and Sunnah, in order to get its right definition, and the most applicable ways of its implementation in the current contemporary life; that is because the Quran is the book, that contains the best advice for the entire human kind, and also talks about the best advisors, whom Allah has send to his creation. And when we reflect on the verses that talk about the best advices and the prophets of Allah, whom they were entrusted to deliver those advices to their people, we can find that the word advice(Al Naseeha) is a very comprehensive term, that includes many great qualities, that cannot be found except in this word, in addition, we learn many different etiquettes and manners, that can help those who attempt to play the role of giving advice in the contemporary life to fulfill it in the best and most effective way ever. and that is exactly what this paper tries to focus on, in order to have a clear road map that can help Muslims to apply the real (Naseeha) in all different current life affairs, according to the Quran guidance and wisdom.


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Nahela, Basyouni Muhammad Ali. 2013. “Advising Others in the Quran: Its Definition, Domains, and Contemporary Applications”. Journal of College of Sharia &Amp; Islamic Studies 31 (1).
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