Hassan Yachou


The issue of medication through using the new ways of treatment is one of the most important topic discussed and investigated on the carpet of scientific research , specially its impact on the rules of Islamic law , related to prayer and fasting, and also was dealt in depth in the seminars and international conferences held in different places due to the emergence of incurable diseases which led the experts in the field of biology and pharmaceutical industry to discover new ways of treatment and prevention . The deliberate examination of all parts of the issue had shown its impact on the rules of prayer and fasting in Islamic law , as for the rules of prayer and purification, the impact could be realized through obligation of quarantine in order to reduce infectious deceases by preventing affected people from access to the places of gathering such as congregated prayers, Friday and Eid festival prayers, as for the rules of purification, the case of transmutation such as transmutation of unclean oil to soap and using it to clean the body and clothes and purification of sewage do not have negative impact on validity of prayers , as for the rules of fasting there were many cases which needed to be investigated to find out the impact of medication on validity of fasting or not , weather it is external such as taking a blood sample for the examination and analysis, blood donation, taking a sample from the liver and organs for medical purpose on the basis of analogy of cupping or internal such as using endoscopy, catheter to the arteries , taking tablets under the tongue for angina as well as the use of spray and gas oxygen , anesthesia , drops in the ear and nose , dialysis , injection , cream , ointment, and plasters. The study was based on the comparison of different opinions by scientific discussion and analyzing the evidences in order to produce a Islamic rule that complies with the purposes of Islamic Sharia , The god knows the intention .


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