The Role of Ideological Pedagogy in Counteracting Religious Extremism


Abdelmajid Najar


Religious extremism is a widespread phenomenon found in Muslim societies, and it has become extremely harmful to Islam and the propagation of Islam’s message. One of the most important methods of countering this phenomenon is through ideological pedagogy. Ideological pedagogy should be rooted in an established and methodical teaching of the Islamic sciences and in the practical human sciences and should be conveyed through interactive and self-teaching didactic methods. This strategy is capable of nurturing minds to exhibit a wide range of essential intellectual qualities, such as freedom of thought, comprehensive research skills, ability to maintain a realistic perspective, and critical comparative thinking. Minds that possess these intellectual qualities are capable of conducting their own religious research to reach conclusions that are within the confines of God’s laws, without transgressing and adopting radicalism that may lead to terrorism.



Religious extremism
ideological pedagogy
freedom of thought
God’s laws

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