IRL is a biannual, peer reviewed law journal, issued by the College of Law, Qatar University and published by Qatar University Press in three languages; Arabic, English and French. Since its launching in 2012, IRL strives to embrace a contemporary legal discourse that cuts across borders and cultures. The journal welcomes in-depth legal research in the field of national and comparative law in a way that enriches the Qatari legal environment, and increases its international exposure and openness to comparative legal systems. IRL is concerned with publishing comparative studies between Qatari and foreign laws, as well as commentaries on legislation and court rulings. The journal is an open access platform through which researchers and readers can have access to research studies from around the world without getting restricted by borders or geographical barriers.

Print ISSN: 2305-5545

Online ISSN: 2523-1715


The journal is concerned with publishing in-depth legal research that discusses international subjects and comparative law. The journal particularly revolves around enriching the Qatari legal environment that leads to improving its international coherence and openness to comparative legal systems. Building on this international comparative character, the IRL is a means through which researchers and readers can access research studies from around the world.

The journal is available online for free in electronic form. The print edition is only available upon request and order. Print editions are chargeable and should be requested from the journal’s contact details.