Faisal Faraj Al-Mutayri


The Islamic law (Sharia) was established to preserve the five basic
necessities, namely the religion, the mind, the soul, and the honor and
the money. It also established the general rules by which Muslims
develop whatever they need in their lives. It is well known that the car
grows to be a necessary thing for moving from one place to another.
Controls should be set to organize traffic and avoid many problems
resulting in damages to souls and funds. When some drivers thinks
that s/he is not obliged to obey traffic law and that s/he does not
commit a sin when not apply the law, his understands to the objectives
of the Sharia is not complete. Due to the misuse of vehicles and
violation of the rules that preserve the soul and money, astonishing
numbers and a merciless war occurred on roads on daily basis. These
numbers are the daily accidents that increase dramatically. It is a war
that is initiated by one party who is the driver against himself and
others using the vehicle as the means for this war.


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Al-Mutayri, Faisal Faraj. 2015. “Islamic Verdicts Concerning Traffic Violations”. Journal of College of Sharia and Islamic Studies 33 (2). https://doi.org/10.29117/jcsis.2015.0130.
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