Marwan Shaban


In this research the author has dealt with proofs and Evidences
exposed by the Chapter Al Waqi3a (The happening), in showing the
outstanding capability of the Divine power in creation and
resurrection. This research points out that Allah Almighty has
mentioned these proofs successively. Thus He started talking about
the essence of the Human being and his origin, then He talked about
the water that was brought down to earth by Allah Almighty from the
skies with His power and mercy and its impact on quenching the thirst
of living beings and on the continuation of life, and how that Allah is
able to change its constituents and nature or to make it to disappear
and to dry out, if He so wills. Then the Quran converged into to
talking about the plants and their plowing and planting, and His
(exalted be He) ability, to turn green plant to chaff and debris if He so


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Shaban, Marwan. 2015. “The Indications of the Creation to the Greatness of the Creator”. Journal of College of Sharia and Islamic Studies 33 (2).
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