Mabrouk Mansouri


Purpose: This research aims to analyze the deliberation of Occidentalism in contemporary Western thought in its major trends, namely, foundational and reflexive Occidentalisms. Then, it deals with Occidentalism in modern and contemporary Japanese thought and tackles its constituents, structures and theories.

Methodology: The research adopted the historical inductive approach to extrapolate the most important trends of Occidentalism in Western thought, then the analytical-critical approach to analyze its intellectual and methodological backgrounds. Finally, the paper adopted the comparative critical approach in studying the Japanese modernizing experience compared to the Western one.

Findings: Among the most prominent findings, the paper showed two major trends of Occidentalism in Western thought. The former considers Occidentalism a “methodological radical critical approach” of Western thought as a critique of Western Centrism in all its manifestations. The latter, by contrast, seeks to dwarf Occidentalism and make it lose any innovative methodological or epistemological authenticity and sees it as a mere “ideological-psychological” reaction to or an inversion of Orientalism. Then, the research showed the uniqueness of the Japanese modernizing experience, as it was formed and developed outside the frameworks, concepts, and visions of Western Centrism.

Originality: The research is original in terms of its analysis of Occidentalism in its native Western milieu through accurate models, most of which are introduced for the first time in Arabic studies. The second axis of originality lies in the accuracy of the analysis of the components of Japanese Occidentalism in theoretical and practical horizons.


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Foundational Occidentalism
Reflexive Occidentalism
Cultural Studies
Cultural Relativism
Japanese thought
Postcolonial criticism

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