Nayef bin Nahar Al-Shamari


This paper critically discuss the “Moral Induction” “Alisteqra Almaanawi” as it was explained by Imam Al shatibi in his great book “Almoafaqt”. The term of “Moral Induction” is quit complicated since it is formed with other terms. The paper tried to clarify the elements of the concept and the way used and applied by Imam Shatibi to prove some of the principles of Shariah. Moreover, the paper explained the sources that Moral Induction was taken from, which is logical induction and moral Tawater. Was taking the moral induction from these two sources right? The paper ended up with the result that moral induction has nothing to do with the supposed sources. Finally the paper tried to clarify the common mistakes were made by the researchers who had written about the concept of moral induction.


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Al-Shamari نايف. 2015. “A Critical Reading of the Idea of Inductive Corroboration According to Al-Imam Al-Shatibi”. Journal of College of Sharia &Amp; Islamic Studies 33 (2).
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