Establishing the Quranic Terminology in Quranic Studies: It's Meaning and Mechanisms


Muhamad Abdul-Latif Abdul-Ati


The increase in the proportion of research papers and treatises that are
being registered in the field of Qur'anic Studies has led to the hastiness
of some researchers in choosing titles for their research papers and the
negligience of many of them in establishing the Qur' anic terminology in
it; this in turn has led to the alienation of the terminology in titles aswell
as content.
This study is concerned with solidly establishing Qur'anic terminology
in Qur'anic studies by pondering over the significance of the Qur'anic
terminology, highlights the importance of its cognizant, aswell its
significance in Qur'anic studies. It goes onto extrapolate the places in
the Qur'an that..the terminology is separated and presents the benefits of
this separation whilst confirming the necessity of deliberation over the
use of newer terminologies and then monitoring the means by which the
Qur'anic terminology will be established in Qur'anic studies.


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