Numbers According to the Pythagoreans and the Batinites


Abdullah Awad Al-Ajami


This research discusses one of the effects of Greek Philosophy over Islamic
Thought, it is decided by all that Islamic teams and other teams affiliated to
Islam were affected by various schools of Greek Philosophy. Such effect is
evident in its beliefs, principles and methodologies in dealing with legal texts
and major religious cases in addition to cases to be known by the concerned
person and identify its origin, i.e. the issue of numbers for Batiniyya Teams
and how they established their beliefs, even their rituals based on it. This
research investigates the origin of this case in the Pythagorean Philosophy,
indicating specially - following definition of Pythagorean and Batiniyya -
detenninants of such theory for Pythagorean, then its effect over beliefs of
extravagant Batiniyya Teams.


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