The Western Project and Enlightening Contemporary Islamic Thought: An Analytical Study for the Rand Corporation Report


Yusuf Muhammad Siddiqui


This research is particularly focused towards the unipolar US policy towards the Muslim world, which aim to influence its intellectual path that it is expected to precisely follow in dealings with" the other". Sue~ policy is rationalized on the pretext that such a an intellectual road map will guide the Muslim world out of the darkness of intolerance and fanaticism to the path of rectitude and enlightenment. This could mean that Islamic thought and ideology is misinterpreted and used as a form of a "tool of divergence" from Islam in order to follow the track that the "West" is heading for.
We also conclude on this paper that there is huge pressure exerted by Western powers on the Islamic and Arab countries in order to curb Islam and marginalize its role in re shaping the face of the Islamic people. This is clearly reflected in the political and combating arenas today.
This paper aims to systematically and objectively highlight some of the attempts made to reshape Islam as a religion and belief system in order to fit the Western mold. This will inherently take Islam away from the true and meaningful principles and values that the Muslim world believe in and need in its life.


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