Thabit Ahmed Abul Haj Abdul-Ilah Muhammad Nasir Hazi


In this research show the researchers to the concept of endowment
and types, with a reminder of the importance of this science and its
benefits, and see evidence of it from the Quran and Sunnah and
consensus, with the definition of the most important scientists who
contributed to the development of science of stopping and starting, and
the researchers conducted a study comparing - in the third section -
through the work tables illustrate positions that differed by the Koran,
and the varied where sayings scholars Endowment through Surat AlFatihah
and the first verses of Surat AL-Baqrah, together with the type
of endowment at each of them, with the comparison between the
comments of the scholars of this art, for further clarification and
convergence and facilitation and arrangement.


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