Abdulah Abdul-Rahman Al-Sadi


The Arabic language has taken a wide range in the terminology field especially in Quran studies such as " Almuaarab"; meaning non-Arabic words. This research aims at offering different views of the matter of "Almuarrab" and select the most well-founded among them. To that end, the research first introduces the importance of Arabic language. In general, the research comprises two main sections. The first topic describes the meaning of''Almuaarab'' and its categories with different arguments of many scholars. Whilst the second topic discusses the using of Arabic words by non-Arabic speaking people, as well as, the Quranic vision for non-Arabic terms. In addition, the paper will present such different views between scholars who approve of such terms and those who reject them. Finally, the research will pinpoint the proven views, highlight the results of the study, and present suitable recommendations.


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Al-Sadi, Abdulah Abdul-Rahman. 2013. “Arabicized Words in the Noble Quran”. Journal of College of Sharia and Islamic Studies 31 (1). https://journals.qu.edu.qa/index.php/sharia/article/view/174.
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