Ahmed Shalybek Suwayi


Rule of contract of pregnant woman from adultery This paper deals with an important issue, namely: (Rule of contract of pregnant woman from adultery), one of the issues that people always ask, especially among Muslim minorities in Western countries. This research has been divided into :Introduction which's containing the definition of adultery, its rules, and the wisdom of prohibition. And three sections: The first subject: discusses the rules of contract on pregnant woman from adultery. The second subject: discusses the ruling of contract on pregnant woman from adultery by adulterer himself. The third subject is dealing with the illegitimate child ratios. The researcher mentioned the differences between the jurists in these issues, their evidence with the discussion of their evidence, and the show the preferred opinion. The researcher concluded that it is not permissible for a non adulterer to marry the woman until repent, and gives birth, and it is permissible to marry a pregnant adultery with who committed adultery with her, and not join the illegitimate child with adulterer, if adultery woman has a husband did not reject the child.


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Suwayi, Ahmed Shalybek. 2013. “The Ruling of Establishing Contracts Between a Pregnant Woman from Fornication and Her Fornicating Partner”. Journal of College of Sharia &Amp; Islamic Studies 31 (1). https://journals.qu.edu.qa/index.php/sharia/article/view/173.
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