Qutb Al-Raysouni


The aim of this study is to reflect the reality of channel giving legal opinions , its types,clarification the faces of the benefits and evils competing in it, and the likelihood mostly of them in light of the rules of fundamentalism and objectives of shari'a, with refute suspicions that can hover over the legality of this new pattern giving legal opinions, and respond to their opinions with argument emerging binding . The study reached that channel giving legal opinions is ideal means to enable the law of Allah Almighty in the land, and to raise awareness of religious scale capacious, and what come on this fatawa from shariah cautions.


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Al-Raysouni, Qutb. 2013. “Televised Legal Verdicts: Comparing the Benefits to the Harms”. Journal of College of Sharia &Amp; Islamic Studies 31 (1). https://journals.qu.edu.qa/index.php/sharia/article/view/170.
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