Muhammed Amizyan


This paper aims at exploring one out of many foundations which ruled the system of political Islamic jurisprudence. It is the moral/ethical foundation which dominated the political jurisprudence theory. This subject is discussed under three following main scopes: Firstly: Reflection the concept of Justice; as an ethical value and mandatory condition for qualified function in the Muslim society. Secondly, the reflection of ethical criteria; an essential criteria for a qualified, trained political performance, by focusing on two main factors; a-candidates running for the presidential post, b-the electoral body. The first factor elaborates the concept of Islamic jurisprudents for a better political performance for an authoritative man. The second factor explores the importance of moral conditions for the trusted electoral body in choosing the right candidate and guarantying his good performance. Thirdly, focusing on the integrative perspective raised by Islamic jurisprudence theory about politics, shaping its legal political views upon the rational consolidation, in carrying political missions, and upon the moral values which guaranties right performance of political tasks.


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Amizyan, Muhammed. 2013. “The Centrality of Ethics to Political Law: The Centrality of This Concepts, and a Measure of Its Application”. Journal of College of Sharia &Amp; Islamic Studies 31 (1).
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