The Status of Consensus Among the Agreed Upon Evidences: A Textual Study


Muhammad Said Mansur


This research explores the statements of the diverse scholars of the Islamic Jurisprudence principles regarding the rank of the consensus in the group of evidence of Judicial sources. I, objectively and decisively, verified the proofs to get the privilege of the righteous thoughts in my view regarding the consensus whose juridical rank is based on the levels of weakness and strengths, whether of the consensus or the evidence . As for clarifYing the attitude of Malek & his followers in this case, the researcher could not verity its function and features except for studying dependently their pretexts of the people of Al-Madina . The investigation & induction indicate that Malek did not differentiate between their deductive work and the transferring one, and that they should not be infracted, yet, his followers differentiated between them .


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