The Islamic Principles Concerning the Employment of Nannies and Servants


Ismail Kadhim Isawi


The phenomenon of domestic workers is not new in Arab Islamic society, it has proven that the Prophet peace be upon him used to have a group of servants, and the best known is Anas, who said: I served the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him for ten years and never told me why did you do this? But the servants were of the same society, and who came to it and stayed in permanent residence, they are our compatriots and speak our language, but at present the servants are from multiple and disparate communities and they brought to us cultures that is too far from our culture. As a result of this economic boom in Gulf societies, and the existence of a standard of living rose to the highest degree of prosperity, the percentage of use of the maid, nannies is increased, not hardly find a house without a maid and at least one, and emerged disadvantages of these servants that has seriously affected in the structure of the Muslim home, as a result of lack of commitment to the legitimate grounds , Hence, it is necessary to know the legal basis for operation; foremost of which is to be maid incoming Muslim, in order to preserve our faith and our religious law, and be able to speak or learn Arabic in order to preserve our language, which is our identity, and other foundations laid in the course of this research. So this research came with the title: legitimate basis for the operation of nannies and servants, to shed light on this issue and involved develop appropriate solutions.


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