The Mind-Scripture Dialectic: Al-Razi and Ibn Taymiyah as Models


Uthman Ali Hasan


The mind from the God and the holy text is one of the Word of God, is contrary to what God made with what God said?! This is one of the pillars of this issue, no Muslim or sane person dare to answer evidence, already determined that Man refuses to say he was opposed to, how is attributed to the Creator of human beings, who is marked by perfect and glorious, and the completion of knowledg and good wisdom. The dialectic of mind and the old question of the holy text of new and renewable, but not in the right place, sometimes makes the mind in the wrong, such as delusions and suspicions and prejudices, and desires and personal, and sometimes makes the entire text of religious accusatory, yes, in what is al-Shara and the texts that I believe I believe is significant, But the error in the circular, and once they make the mind primarily to provide religious, yes, sometimes this may be true, but some fans refuse to philosophical studies, many of the religious texts, though stable, assured and clear .. Above of this paper to provide an analysis and to address this issue through a realistic model comparing the position of Shaykh al-Islam and the position of Imam Razi proud of them, God and the Imams Ovguena for the position and opinion of good governance .. May Allah bless our Prophet Muhammad and his family and peace.


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