Hidden Defects in Prophetic Traditions Narrated by Meaning, and its Effects on Certain Traditions in Creed: An Applied Study


Yasir Ahmed Al-Shamali


The impact of the narration sense- applied study in the belief ahadith The study discussed tow models of Aqeeda ahadith, and found that the need for its interpretation and show its different words, to find preserve narrations, and show the impact of the use of the narration in the sense of distortion of the fixed number of narrations, and that some people may not pay attention to this and will make sound the anomaly narrations based on the apparent chain, or depending on the interpretation of the narration in Bukhari and Muslim, although they narrated to inform about it, and show its cause. So this study came to verify some narrations and verify its words, so it will become the key to further studies aimed at understanding the right to Aqeeda hadiths, and to exclude the wrong narrators based on narration by sense, and not to be hasty in matters of belief, without strong basis of knowing correct narrations, without ambiguity.


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