Jamal Kailani Anas Zahir Al-Masri


Purpose: This study aims to indicate the nature of the relationship between the parties to a taxi leasing contract (Tadmeen), and to identify the practical applied form of this transaction and the terms, conditions and rules that control it.

Methodology: The researchers followed the descriptive and comparative analytical methodology, by describing the nature of the relationship as it actually happens, and meeting specialists and workers in this field, in addition to tracking the opinions of jurists and comparing them to reach the appropriate Islamic Shari’a ruling.

Findings: The study concludes several findings, the most important of which is that the Fiqhi (Islamic Jurisprudence) adaptation of the contractual relationship between the owner of the taxicab and the driver is either a contract on the tadmeen of persons or specific items. This is permissible according to all Madhabs (Schools of Islamic Jurisprudence). Alternatively, it may be considered as a mudarabah partnership contract which is only permissible according to the Hanbali Madhab which hold an opinion that is different from that of other Madhabs.

Originality: This study is characterized by that it deals with a contemporary issue related to the economic investment activity practiced by taxicab workers. It clarifies the Fiqhi adaptation of the relationship between the parties to the contract.



utility lease


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