Iyad Ahmed Muhammad Ibrahim


AIDS is considered the most severe sickness that kills people in our times, and had spread in almost each country in the world, even in our Islamic countries, where many of the Social and Sharia rules are built on. This research has discussed the impact of Aids o.n marriage if it happens between any of the spouses, of continuing the married life or making the divorse. Although our Scholars haven't discussed this disease in our books, for it wasn't known to them by that time, but have discussed other diseases that were familiar to them and have built there rules accordingly. The importance of this research appeared here by taking the old scholars sayings of the disease that were familiar to them, and applying their opinions to this modem disease. Thus, the research has discussed the old diseases , and its types that the scholars had discussed earlier, then has inserted the idea of AIDS, ways of spreading this diseases, then reached to revealing the scholars statements and proof, after Retrieving the sharia provisions concerning the impact of AIDS on


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