Shakir Al-Mahamid Ahmad Arabiyyat Shuwaysh Al-Mahamid


"Psychological and Educational counsel in the Holy Qura'an This paper explores a new dimension in psychological and educational counsel through deducing its principles in the Holy Qura'an. The paper also reveals one aspect of the miraculous nature of Holy Qura'an 4 and combines the contemporary scientific theories by choosing what in confirmed in the Holy Qura'an further more ,the paper motivates connecting the depth and comprehensiveness of the Qura'anic meanings with principles of Psychological and educational counsel. It also involves the objectives, fields , and methods of psychological and educational counsel which serve the desired goals.


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Al-Mahamid شاكر, Arabiyyat أحمد, and Al-Mahamid شويش. 2006. “Psychological and Educational Counseling in the Noble Quran”. Journal of College of Sharia &Amp; Islamic Studies 24 (1).
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