Aisha Ahmed Fakroo


This study aims at finding out the level of nutritional knowledge among student-Teachers at the Faculty of Education, University of Qatar and the effect of nationality, academic specialization and the number of knowledge resources on nutritional knowledge. In order to achieve this aim, the researcher prepared a test to measure a number of nutritional concepts related to nutritional knowledge and the effect of the above mentioned variables on nutritional knowledge. The test was based on the researcher's reading of a number of studies and research papers related to this study as well as reading of books and researches on the methods of teaching Home Economics (Diet and Nutrition). Results of the stud showed There is a level of nutritional knowledge among all the student-teachers. The knowledge resources that have attained the highest percentage are news papers, magazines, radio and T.V. However, the resources which depend on teaching such as study courses gained low percentage, and There were no Statistical significant differences among the different groups according to nationality academic specialization and the different knowledge resources. Also it showed A numbers of recommendations and suggestions which may help in increasing nutritional knowledge were put forward.


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Fakroo عائشة أحمد. 2003. “ University of Qatar”. Journal of Educational Sciences 4 (4).