Mohd Mustafa al-Absi


This study aimed at investigating the effect of using Scoring Rubrics in Performance Assessment on the mathematical achievement and attitudes of the Tenth graders. To achieve this object, two Scoring Rubrics Scales were developed, The sample of the study consisted of (128) students divided into three groups: 1st experimental group which evaluated by the Analytic Scoring Rubrics, 2nd experimental group which evaluated by the Holistic Scoring Rubrics, and control group which evaluated by the traditional method. After the completion of the study application, an achievement test and attitudes Scale were applied and 1-way ANOVA was used to answer the study questions. The study results revealed that there were a statistically significant differences between the three groups in favor of the I experimental group and the 2nd experimental group in comparison with the control group in the achievement test and the attitudes toward mathematics Scale, meanwhile there were no significant differences between 1st and 2nd experimental groups.


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Academic achievement

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al-Absi محمد مصطفى. 2007. “Scoring Rubrics ’Method in Performance Assessment and Its Effect in the Tenth Graders Achievement and Attitudes Toward Mathematics”. Journal of Educational Sciences 12 (12).