Mohamed Y. Mattar


This Code of Conduct for Tourist who are visiting Qatar for the World Cup 2022 covers the fundamental rights and duties that must be observed and implemented such as the right to movement, travel and safety and obtaining the different services relevant to the World Cup matches of 2022. In drafting the Code of Conduct references have been made to a number of prohibitions that the tourist must avoid such as sexual exploitation, human trafficking, sex tourism and sexual harassment. In addition to the prohibition against alcohol consumption or other illegal substances as well as gambling and the infringement of intellectual property rights. The drafting of the Code of Conduct is mainly based on three elements, the first is the statement of the rule of law that governs the relevant relationship, the second is a commentary to interpret and explain such rule of law and the third is various references to the sources that was relied on in stating the rule of law.


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Code of Conduct
Right to Tourism
Rules of Stadiums
Sex Tourism
Sports Law
World Cup 2022


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