The implications of the Qatar blockade on family


Sonia Mallek


This study discusses the implications of the Qatar’s blockade on the Qatari family. The blockading countries have violated many international treaties and instruments aiming at achieving the union in the family and the basic right to a family life without having to fear separation among the family members due to the negative impact of such separation on family, as it is the cornerstone of building the society. This separation also has a negative impact on the child – being the weakest member in the family – who must be protected and not be separated from his or her parents as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which has been ratified by the State of Qatar and the blockading countries. Furthermore, there have been a number of similar implications associated with nationality among families of mixed marriages due to the separation of the parents or one of the parents from his or her children.



Freedom of movement
Family separation

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