Fawaz M. A. Aqel


This study aimed at determining the importance of English language teaching objectives as rated by English language teachers, in addition to determining the degree of the importance of objectives for English language teaching according to the variables of sex, place of education, experience, and academic qualification. To these ends, the study sought to answer the following two questions: What is the degree of the importance of objectives for English language teaching according to English language teachers in Nablus district? Are there any statistically significant differences, in the degree of the importance of objectives for English language teaching, as rated by English teachers, duethe to variables of sex, place of work, experience and academic qualification? he population of the study consisted of all the English language teachers at high secondary schools in Nablus district. The sample of the study, randomly chosen, was 44 male and female teachers. For this purpose, a 51-item questionnaire was developed and checked for validity and reliability. After data collection and statistical analyses, it was found that the items which had contained objectives pertinent to the use of language, grammar and competition, obtained a very high degree of importance whereas the item which had contained objectives, pertinent to culture, habits, traditions and attitudes towards native speakers, obtained a very low degree of importance. It was also found that there was statistical significance for the variables of sex, place of teaching, experience, and academic qualification. In the light of these findings, the researcher recommends that more emphasis be given to the teaching objectives in terms of their importance, and ways of their formulation by teacher training programs. The researcher also recommends that in-service English language teachers be involved in training courses, seminars, workshops revolving around teaching objectives. Finally, the researcher recommends that further studies be conducted on the impact of teaching objectives on the educational process to explore students' opinions about the effect of objectives on achievement.


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