Bashar Abdoula Moslah Moussa Abou-Delboh


This study aims at recognizing the extent to which Jordanian families, in Mafraq Governorate are adopting the democratic concepts in socialization process as well as the extent of realizing it through democratic practices in daily relations realizing interactions through three dimension: duties and rights, equality, and equity, and freedom of expressing opinions, to achieve these objectives, a- random sample of (100) families consisting of (400) individuals: include (200) mothers and fathers and (200) sons and daughters. Results Showed that both parents (fathers and mothers) agreed that rights and duties core is the most important democratic concepts exercised inside the family. Parents also agreed the equality core comes next in its importance, after rights and dukes. Freedom of thought and opinion was agreed upon by parents to come at the end of core concepts of democracy. Results showed that off springs (males and females) agreed that rights and duties is the most important core concept of democracy, and agreed with parents about that. But they saw that freedom of opinion comes next in importance, and thus disagreeing with their parents here. Equality was agreed upon by males and females off springs to come at the end of the core democratic concepts.


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Moslah بشار عبدالله, and Abou-Delboh موسى. 2005. “The Status of Democratic Socialization Within Jordanian Families in Mafraq Governorate”. Journal of Educational Sciences 7 (7).