Ali Al-Shuailee


This study aims to investigate the impact of using Suchman's inquiry model in teaching science at 7th grade schooling comparing to the traditional teaching method. The sample consisted from 76 students in the experimental group, which used the Suchman's inquiry model, whereas the control group consisted from 74 students and received the traditional method. After experimenting, an achievement test was given to all sample members. The finding revealed that there is a significant difference in the academic achievement in science between the experimental and control groups due to teaching method in favor of the experimental group at the significance level of (a=0.05). The research findings indicated the necessity of adopting the Suchman's inquiry model in teaching as it would extend students performance.


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Impact of Using Suchmans

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Al-Shuailee علي بن هويشل. 2005. “The Impact of Using Suchman’s Inquiry Model on the Achievement of Omani 7th Grade Students in Science”. Journal of Educational Sciences 7 (7).