Adel Husain EI-Moubark Benyan Bani El-Rashidy


The purpose of the study was to determine the counselor's practice of their tasks as perceived by students at teachers college in Hail. The researchers developed a questionnaire consisting of 57 items (divided into eight areas) to collect the data. A stratified sample of 424 students was randomly selected. The study answered three research questions:-The results indicated that the computed means of counselors' practice of tasks in most of the eight areas were high, hi addition, significant differences were found in the social relationships area for students in level four and above.Moreover, there were significant differences in four areas: researches and reports, social relationships, activities, and control committee for students specialize in Alqoraniah and English. The researchers recommended that an appropriate plan be developed to accomplish the counselees' desires and goals. Seminars, workshops and meeting be conducted for counselors regarding the importance of counseling students and how to deal with them. It was also recommended that an effort be done to encourage the administration of students counseling centers to provide counselors with information and instruction to help implementing the approved tasks and activities.


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EI-Moubark عادل حسين, and El-Rashidy بنيان باني. 2005. “Counselor’s Practice of Their Tasks As Perceived by Students at Teachers College in Hail”. Journal of Educational Sciences 7 (7).