Abeer Al-Hooli


Childern's experiences with literacy awareness are almost as varied as children themselves. This present study used experimental design to exmine the effects of storybook reading on kindergartners' concepts about print and printed word. The study was designed to determine whether formal instruction about language concepts in conjunction with storybook-reading influences childern's awareness of reading concepts. It was also assumed that the gender or age of the child makes a significant difference in the print-recognition achievement. The data of (60) cases were analyzed through appropriate descriptive statistics including two-way analysis of variance, Levine's test, and Independent-sample T-Test. The review of the litreature showed that there is a strong trend towards employing storybook-reading to incerease children's vocabulary, awareness of print, comprehension skills, and increasing their interest in the world around them. However, some studies claimed that formal reading instuction intimdates children, making them question their knowledge. The result of this study endorsed the literature; there was no significant difference between the results of the control group and the


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Effect of story book

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