Hamed Mubarek AI-Abadi Hamdan Ali Nasr Rebhi Khaleel Hamdan


This study aimed at evaluating the fourth grade Arabic language computerized curriculum implemented in some schools in Jordan. The evaluation was conducted through a number of criteria suitable for evaluating computerized curriculum and identifying the degree of meeting these criteria in the fourth grade Arabic Language computerized curriculum. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researchers developed a questionnaire of 63 items based on the criteria of evaluating computerized curriculum covering five fields. The instrument was implemented on the sample of the study after obtaining its validity and reliability. The sample of the study consisted of all Arabic Language teachers in Amman Exploratory schools who implement the Arabic language computerized curriculum of the fourth grade. The results revealed that the computerized curriculum met the criteria of evaluation to moderate degree, and the suggestions of the teachers concerning this curriculum pivoted round the technical, technological and administrative aspects. In light of the results, the researchers recommended that it is necessary to adopt measures built according to psychological and educational principles. They also recommended that other studies be carried out to evaluate computerized curriculum other than that of the Arabic language and called on the staff to follow up on the computerized curriculum at the Ministry of Education for continuous update and assessment.


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AI-Abadi حامد مبارك, Nasr حمدان علي, and Hamdan ربحي خليل. 2007. “An Evaluative Study of Fourth Grade Students’ Computerized Arabic Language Curriculum in Jordan”. Journal of Educational Sciences 13 (13). https://journals.qu.edu.qa/index.php/jes/article/view/396.